About Us

We are passionate about cloud technology, and love using our favourite frameworks to create beautiful and functional solutions!

Welcome to Deploiz
A powerful server management dashboard built using Laravel and the power of Ansible!

Over the last 10 years we have used pretty much all of the cloud server providers, either for fun or for projects. We have also played around with various control panels and dashboards, and although many of them are superbly written they just don’t satisfy our expectations. we also have a dislike of bouncing backwards and forwards between different dashboards! I suppose you could say that we are fussy, and you would be right! We also love automation using the power of APIs!

So. We decided to create a new server management portal, using Laravel, that allows you to create and manage ALL of your servers in one place. But more than that it will allow server management using Ansible Playbooks, and you can sell server and website hosting to clients and customers. But it needs to be flexible enough to allow users to pick and choose what features they want to use and not be forced into putting up with the bits they don’t need or want!

The important thing for us is to not constrain ourselves! The above outline, is just that, an outline! In reality Deploiz will exceed the outline above. In late 2022 we started the core development and we already have the core dashboard and Ansible functionality working. It is however early days and it will be a while before any public facing releases are made available!

This website is intended to peek your interest! It will see many posts on how things are going and our newsletter will keep you updated with snippets of info about various areas of functionality! We will at some stage in 2023 start looking for a handful of users to help us with private beta testing – so please feel free to contact us if you feel you have the same gut feelings that something better is possible!

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